S.O.S is a huge and professional freight company in Peninsular Malaysia. The company is an expert in providing freight services to every hypermarket in the country. In this highly competitive freight industry, S.O.S places high importance on our clients as our first ambition in order to maintain a long-term business relationship with our partners, and this has makes the business expand rapidly.

Although S.O.S provides high quality freight services in the Peninsular Malaysia, we move forward to extend the business by improving and strengthening our management on the procedure of freightage. Furthermore, we will maximize our abilities to fulfill different partners' satisfaction.
"Call S.O.S today. We are ready to provide optimal service."
Company History
1996 - During the initial stages of our business, S.O.S provides good quality services with 1-ton and 3-ton vehicles.
2003 - With the support and trust that our business partners have entrusted us, S.O.S has a high growth in a few years time. When our business expands rapidly, S.O.S has increased to 28 vehicles in order to provide a higher level of freight services to cater our supporting partners.
2009 - Besides that, S.O.S business partners still increase and by letting our business runs efficiently, we expand our warehouse to 7 units. For our transportation, we also purchase 80 new different vehicles. Therefore, S.O.S has to set up a preferable operating system to integrated freight facilities and also to construct a firm foundation for the future.
Company Mission
S.O.S highly pays attention on satisfaction to ensure every client's benefit. We propose a comprehensive one-stop freight services to our clients by analyzing latent freight matter and providing optimal solution to ensure every task is fulfilled on time. Thus S.O.S will take full responsibility to satisfy our clients' requirement and expectation and this is ranked as the main mission of the company.
Company Vision
S.O.S will keep on improving company's management and freight system, and also will continue to expand our market business range so that clients' benefit can be further improved. Our new direction in the future is to expand our business in the field of logistics.