Do you often meet the problems below?

  1. Your goods were not delivered on time frequently?
  2. You often received delivery complains from clients?
  3. Unfinished freight procedure during and after the services?
  4. Goods or invoices were missing after freight services?
  5. Bill matters caused by incomplete invoices / delivery reports?
  6. Rejected goods that were approved and received by driver missing?
  7. Uncertainty of delivery location information from invoices?
    E.g. : T. Setia Alam / Tesco Seri Alam G. Sunway City / G. Sunway Pramind

Our main mission is to provide convenience to our clients. We provide flawless freight facilities and preferable operating system in order to propose a comprehensive one-stop freight services to our clients.

The transportations that we provide are: 1-ton, 5-ton and 10-ton vehicles.